Push Media to Your TV, Computer or Game Console From Your Android Phone or Tablet

Working in a school I hear about and use Apple products on a daily basis. while I will admit that they are nice, I would personally never buy one. They’re way over priced and Apple strategy of keeping they’re users hooked on proprietary tools does not settle well with me. May Apple users are under the misconception that only Apple devices can do cool things like share media. Of course with Apple your best buy is to buy all Apple or run the risk of things not working together.

I thought I would take a minute and make a quick video showing how Android users can easily push out media over a wireless network. In this example I'm using a Sony Tablet S and I'm pushing out a movie to our PlayStation 3. I've done this with computers as well as DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible TVs as well. The nice thing about using DLNA is that this is a protocol that spans across manufacturers. You don't need a Sony TV to push out media with a Sony Tablet S. You can just as easily do this with a Samsung. Using this Android application you can push out media to any DNLA client.

If you have an Adnroid phone or Tablet try out iMediaShare. It’s a pretty easy app. to use and the free version offers a lot of funtionality.

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