Remote Access From Your Phone or Tablet Using Splashtop HD – Sony Tablet S

Over the last year I’ve been using this Splashtop HD android application to control my computers remotely from my Sony Tablet S. The Splashtop HD application came with my Sony Tablet S, but it had limit of 10 minutes of consecutive connectivity. I’ve recently upgraded to the Spalshtop 2 HD application and thought I would share my thoughts on this remote access application.

I've used many remote applications over the years, PC AnyWhere, VNC RDP, Citrix, Logmein, and NX to name some of the more common apps. I really can't believe how well this Splashtop application works. You can see in the video below how smooth the audio and video was. Most remote desktop applications struggled with streaming video often compromising the video resulting in a choppy experience. Even more impressive was that this was streaming over my 54mb home wireless.

If you have an Adnroid phone or Tablet give the Splashtop 2 HD application a try. You’ll be surprised at how responsive and fluid this remote desktop experience is. I believe the Splashtop application is available for Apple iPad and iPhone as well, however it’s a paid app. in the iTunes store.

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  1. Yeah, Splashtop is decent (and I prefer it over Remote Desktop Connection), but I’ve discovered another very good alternative: RHUB`s remote support servers for remote access. It’s easy to use, and it’s very secure.

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