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Ultra Technology Solutions was established in 2002 and has been supporting the technology needs of a small customer base in Central Maine. We pride ourselves on solving problems and providing solutions that will provide long-lasting results. We’re in the process of expanding our technical support services and have a greater capacity to support additional clients. Please consider Ultra Technology Solutions for your technology support services. Unlike other technical support companies in the Bangor (Maine) area, we do provide in-home support for residential users as well as businesses. Give us a call today to chat about your technology support needs (207) 200-1696.




  1. Stan


    I used to enjoy checking out the nice scenery in your backyard, along with the occasional sitings of a horse and one of your dogs. I would also check out Mike’s Critter Cam in Maryland (his back deck with the birdfeeders) too. A few months ago, my hard drive crashed and I lost these web addresses. I finally did find them again a couple of nights ago, but when i did, your camera would not show and I had pop-up asking for a username and password. Now it does show, so everything is OK with this one I hope. Mike’s Critter Cam still shows up as a broken link. Would you know if he has moved his webcam to a new address?


  2. Hi Stan, thanks for the nice comment. I went away last week and had the cam set to detect motion in the front yard. I added the password just to ensure my bandwidth would not be chewed up when motion was detected. This is another nice use for these cams on occasion. As for Mike’s critter cam, I’m not sure what is going on there. I’ve not been on his for a while myself. It’s good to know people are still stopping by.



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