Sitemeter.com Code is Crashing Internet Explorer (8/1/2008)

We apologize if you’ve been trying to visit any of our sites. We just discovered that the Site Meter tracking code, which provides our web statistics, has been causing visits from Internet Explorer to crash with this error: Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site- Operation Aborted  We Learned about Sitemeter being the cause of this error on a site called One Project Closer, thanks guys!

All of our sites that were using the Sitemeter counter were effected by this error. The image below shows the error which is more than likely caused by piece of java code hosted by sitemeter.com.

Sitemeter.com Causes Internet Explorer Crash

sitemeter.com Causes Internet Explorer Crash


Sitemeter.com (check out the Site Meter link above) provides comprehensive real time website tracking and counter tools to give webmasters and bloggers instant access to vital information and data about their site’s audience. There is a free version, and it has been a great tool for analyzing my website’s traffic data. This is the first problem I have experienced with their product.

UPDATE 8/2/2008 7:00AM
It looks like the issue has not been resolved, as I am still receiving the error on the Site Meter site. How would you like to be the programmer that was changing code late Friday afternoon after finding out that you essentially disabled access to all of these sites for Internet Explorer users? It would be interesting to know if this is affecting the paid service as well as the freebie. While I prefer Firefox, my guess would be most people probably still use Internet Explorer, simply because that’s what they know and have. If you are still using Internet Explorer, and are getting this error “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site- Operation Aborted” do yourself a favor and go get Firefox today.

UPDATE 8/2/2008 8:00PM
We are back online with sitemeter!

Site Meter General Stats Example


  1. CHET:

    I have been using your site to help me embed my linksys wireless cam and whoa all of a sudden the page loads and then I got that same error, then blank. I thought it was something I did while friggin around with my code. I am not real sure what sitemeter is but Im glad its gone!

  2. Zig:

    I get this error all the time when I use Internet Explorer. Everything I find looks like the pages have an error in the coding, but with me it’s almost all sites. I get the exact same error “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted” I use FireFox now, and things are much better. Microsoft is junk!

  3. No, not THAT Glenn:

    As a mere consumer, it’s annoying @ this end too. Among plethora of machines lying about tho, old clunker with IE5 was not bothered. More recent ones (W98/IE6, WXP/IE6, WV/IE7) [Genuine Microsoft Advantage] crash. Not only do they crap out, but they put the intended screen up, *then* crash, *then* replace the screen with the usual IE error message.

  4. admin:

    Glenn, it’s good to know that IE 5 is not affected. I am sure many people that have run into this have been thinking they have a virus or some spyware issue. It would be interesting to know how many sites have been affected by the Site Meter problem. Some site owners rely on others to take care of these issues also, so many sites could still be affected. Fire up your windows 95 machines everyone! Not really, just go get Firefox or add sitemeter.com to your restricted sites under IE options. Hey Site Meter programmers, get off your a$$ and fix this! Don’t you know there are no weekends off when thousands, tens thousands or more sites depend on a service you provide?

  5. Delta:

    After a long night of crashing pages I was able to find a post from Sitemeter support. One would think they would have made this info known to their clients prior to the problem..


    Our hosting provider has scheduled an outage on August 3, 2008 from 12:01 AM – 05:00 AM to consolidate their network into a single autonomous system. The following servers will be affected:

    SM1, S17, S21, S26, S36, S37, S38, S39, S40, S41, S46 and S47

    They will be migrating to a new network hardware infrastructure during this maintenance outage. The actual outage time maybe less than scheduled outage time. We apologize that your account will be affected during this scheduled maintenance. If you have any questions please let us know.

    Thank you,
    SiteMeter Support

  6. Thomas:

    The ultimate fix, sitemeter.com is the problem. If you go into your internet explorer security settings and add the following to restricted sites then the page loads.

  7. Richard:

    I take care of several websites and I used Sitemeter until last last. About 9 P.M. I discovered the problem. I stayed up till 4 A.M. this morning taking the sitemeter code off of a gillion or so pages. Never again.
    And Delta… the blurb above from sitemeter does not pertain to this problem.. at least I don’t think so. The servers effected list from above does not reflect some of the ones I was using, like S6. And all mine were down.
    Changing browsers is NOT an acceptable fix. Fixing the problem IS.
    I can not afford for my websites to be down at all.
    I can not see Sitemeter recovering from this. There’s to many other good site meters out there.

  8. admin:

    Richard, it sounds like you’re not using a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) you might want to look at using a simple PHP include to add Site Meter to the bottom of your pages. This way you could simply “comment out” the code on a footer file and have it removed from all pages on the site with one edit. I can post some instructions for you if you like?

    I checked out your site by the way, pretty nice.


  9. Richard:

    Thanks admin. I do PHP/MySql now, but alot of my sites are several years old. (before I learned PHP). PHP Rules in my book!
    I did run accross what looks like a good replacement for Sitemeter, it’s ActiveMeter.com . I have it installed on a few pages just to look-see. So far it looks good. It’s free and can be installed invisable.

  10. atif:

    I use wordpress and can not seem to get rid of this error. Where would I find the sitemeter code? I don’t even use sitemeter but every thing I go into says it’s a sitemeter error. I’m on 2.6 wordpress. If you know where to find this in here please let me know. I use Google analytics (I dont use the plugin however – just tracker) and I use sitemap. that’s all

  11. Timothy:

    What I wonder is why you need to track this kind of information? Are we talking BIG BROTHER here? I was online last Friday night and a boat load of sites were down becuase of this problem. This makes me wonder who, why and what? Who has access to these statistics? Why do they need them? What are they doing with the information? In fact what are you doing with this information Admin Mark? I have added sitemeter.com to my blocked sites as suggested in the comment above.


  12. Mark:

    atif, if you don’t know what sitemeter is, then this is probably not your problem. The sitemeter code would only be there if you were using it. When I first saw this issue last Friday, I typed the error into Google and came up with sites documenting an issue with IE and I think it was something about modifying the body of a document before the page was fully loaded. Another cause was java with mismatched or un-closed brackets. Type the error into Google. Another thing you can try is switching your Word Press theme and see if you still have the problem. If not, start looking at any code you have modified on your theme.

    One more thing to consider is, did your problem start last Friday 8/1/08?

    Good luck!


  13. atif:

    Thanks mark for your response. I think Lightview plugin for WP was causing the issue. Java for ya. Thank you again

  14. Zashkaser:

    @Laura many thanks. Afraid I don ‘t have time to sign up though it sounds interesting

  15. sandra407:

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