Common Linksys WVC54GCA Camera Questions Answered


My Sitemeter stats show that people are hitting the site with even more questions about the Linksys
WVC54GCA IP Camera. In this post I will answer these specific questions about this specific cam, but they are probably similar to the WVC54GA and the WV2000. What is the default password? What is the default IP address? How to setup FTP, specifically the “File Path Name”? How to setup email? What is the default IP address? Anther common one is about mobile streaming, but I don’t have any info on this yet.
The Linksys WVC54GCA is set to obtain an IP address using DHCP by default. Most networks probably have this enabled, so the easiest way to find your cam’s IP address is to use the Utility software that came with the cam. If you click the setup button toward the lower left, the software will look for your cam. If it’s not found be sure you are using an ethernet cable as opposed to the wireless and try it again.

What is the default password? The default user name is admin and the default password is admin also. If you are locked out of your cam you can use the reset button located on the bottom panel. Insert a paperclip, and hold the button for five seconds. You will then need to go through the steps of setting your camera up again.

How to setup FTP and email? In order to use this feature you need to have an FTP server for the images to upload to. Whether you have a hosting account, or you are using your home machine this part of the setup would be the same. You must have the Enable Motion Detection check box checked to see the fields below. Use these images as a guide to fill in your settings for your FTP and email setup. A picture is worth a thousand words they say.

Linksys WVC54GCA FTP Setup
Linksys WVC54GCA FTP Setup

That file path is /homecam and a directory named homecam would have to be created by me in the root of my hosting account.

The image URL would be:

http://www.nogripes.com/homecam/  This is the directory you would find your uploaded images in.

Linksys WVC54GCA Email Setup

Linksys WVC54GCA Email Setup

If ypu typically use web mail you may not know your SMTP server address. You may need to obtain this from your ISP. Some also require authentication for SMTP relay.


  1. Jeff:

    I am currently setting up a WVC54GCA. I have managed to get all of the features to work correctly with the exception of the FTP upload. I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong. Maybe a syntax error? My ISP provides me with a dedicated FTP server which I can easily log onto with IE. I have tried your suggestions but to no avail. This id driving me nuts. Could you throw me a bone here?

  2. Mark:

    Hi Jeff, here are a few things to check / try.

    Make sure you have yout gateway address set. This is usually the IP address of your firewall/router.

    If you are finding your FTP host by name (me.myhost.net) then you also need your DNS set as well.

    If you are trying to upload to a folder name images for example, besure to create that folder first then set the file path name as /images. Try it without a path also to eliminated this as a possible problem.

    You can downlaod CoreFTP or FileZilla for free and make sure you are able to connect using these prgs. The settings should look the same.

    I hope this helps, good luck!


  3. Larry:

    Hi Mark,
    I poured over your literature as well as the comments of your contributors. Unfortunately I have not been able to get my Linksys WVC54GCA camera working outside of my own network. I’ve tried set-ups in the port forwarding and virtual server tables of my router without success. I’ve even gone as far as entering the camera into the DMZ zone. Still no luck. I would prefer to remove the camera from the DMZ but I guess that’s the place to start. The address to hit the camera is: 72.45.***.*** port 80 (please remove from public comment). If you do manage to see something, you should still be able to see the date during dark hours. If you can provide some suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. Mark:

    Hi Larry, I just did a quick port scan and port 80 did not come back as open. It could be your ISP is blocking it, so you could try 1024 just. Secondly, another one that some people have tripped up with is to make sure you have your gateway address filled in on the cam interface. If you switch your port tonight let me know and I will try it.


  5. Jeroen:

    You promise the default IP, but it’s not in your posting…

  6. Mark:

    Hi Jeroen, on the cams I have been on they are set to DHCP, so in fact there is no default IP.

    The Linksys WVC54GCA is set to obtain an IP address using DHCP by default. Most networks probably have this enabled, so the easiest way to find your cam’s IP address is to use the Utility software that came with the cam. If you click the setup button toward the lower left, the software will look for your cam. If it’s not found be sure you are using an ethernet cable as opposed to the wireless and try it again.

    This may have changed with the newer versions.

    Good luck,


  7. K. Kogan Sievert:

    Hi, I just got one of these cameras and discovered that the security certificate for the linksysviewer activeX control
    has expired several weeks ago.
    That makes it very difficult to access the camera through a web browser as it will not easily let you install that
    control any longer. Linksys tech support seems to be aware of this problem by now, but what can I do in the meantime to
    explain to people who are not computer geeks on how to adjust their security settings in Internet Explorer to
    install the control after all?
    Linksys could not give me an ETA on when this will be resolved. Great.

    Nice camera – but currently not very user friendly..

  8. Carlos:


    security certificate for the linksysviewer activeX control
    has expired. Same Problem.

    How to resolve?


  9. Yvan:

    just add the cam ip to the trusted zon in your ie security settings and clic on the custum level button, go to active x control and go to download unsigned active x and control. Put it to prompt and that’s it.
    Reload the page and install it.

  10. 2cents:

    Default IP:

  11. Jesper:

    When i try to enter the advanced settings of the camera via the browser it promt me for an username and password. even though i type in the correct name and password it wont let me log on. Any solutions?

  12. Sonja:

    I can´t get the audio to work in the WVC54GCA, what can I do in the settings

  13. bob:

    Sonja, the audio doesnt work on these cameras usually. There are many flaws with the camera and they are already on the shelves because Linksys just throws their shit out for the lower eschelon public to eat up and spit out, but Linksys already got your cash. They dont care because they make their money from the buisness-line products. These cheap consumer level, half-working crap just gets slung out as cattle feed for Cash-Flow and we are stuck trying to make a flawed item work properly, which isnt going to happen. Do yourself a favor in the futre and stick to the linksys cheap routers only. Its th eonly linksys product that ever worked reliably from box to box. If you want video equipment, purchase it from a video cam ‘maker’ or “optics” maker such as Panasonic and Axis have some good ones out.

  14. Mike1247:

    hi, I’m currently using Linksys modem router WAG120N-AP, and I want to connect with Linksys camera WVC54GCA.
    I run the CD installation, but at the phase of camera recognition, the router was unable to locate the camera.

    I clicked again the Search Again, but still received the same message.

    Could somebody help me ?
    I’m novice in this matter.

    Thank you

  15. bob:

    if you are trying to connect wirelessly then make sure your wireless is working on the computer you are on, and try power-cycling everything every few tries. You can try with it plugged in with a ethernet cable. Make sure the power is on the camera.

  16. Justin:

    I pressed the reset button on WVC54GCA for more than 30 seconds then rerun the setup wizard from the CD. When it reaches the step 2 of the configuration, I can see the blue light is blinking. But it keeps saying that “The Setup Utility wan unable to locate the Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera on your network. Please make sure Your Camera is powered on and any cables are properly connected.”

    Do you know how to resolve this issue?


  17. Ray:

    wcv54gca works fine when plugged into the router. I cant get it to be recognized wireless. I remember being on the phone with Linksys when I first purchased it. If I recall, we went static with the IP. any advice?

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  19. Rakshan Sanghvi:

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    blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  20. Mark:

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