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Repair Your Sony PS3 YLOD\RLOD Problem (3 Beeps + Flashing Red Light)

If you’re here then your PlayStation 3 is probably not booting up or only booting up for a short time. This is followed by 3 beeps and a flashing yellow and or red light. If this is the issue you are having with your PS3, then you’re in good company. This seems to be a major issue that has effected PlayStation 3 systems around the world. Sony wants $150 + shipping to repair this problem. This problem has been termed the “Yellow Light of Death” ( YLOD ) and I have also seen it listed ad the “Red Light of Death” ( RLOD ).

Fortunately for all of you gamers who have been frantically searching for YLOD (RLOD) repair instructions, this site has just what you’re looking for. When our PS3 developed the red flashing light issue I, like you, began searching for answers on the Internet. I ran across reset procedures such as holding the power button on until the PS3 enters a reset mode. I ran across PS3 Repair Guides for $29 and up. But I also ran across the video listed below. At first it seemed like it might be too good to be true, but after performing this procedure on our YLOD effected PS3, I can tell that it does work. You only need a few tools (including a heat gun) and some thermal heat sink compound. Arctic Silver 5, the heat sink compound mentioned in the video, can be found on eBay and as well as online and local electronic stores.

Please be aware that the instructions for disassembling the PlayStation 3 were not accurate for my 40gb unit. Take your time and don't force anything as you may cause more problems that could render your PS3 truly dead. I have successfully applied this Yellow Light of Death repair on three PlayStation 3 units and so far they all seem to be functioning correctly. Watch the video and follow along very carefully. I used an in expensive Wagner heat gun which got a little hotter than 350c, I simply held it back from the main board a bit more. I did use the Arctic Silver 5 high density heat sink compound and purchased it from one of the electronics vendors listed right below.
Fix Your PS3 Effected With the Yellow Light of Death

I hope you have as much success resurrecting your dead PS3 as I had with mine. Post your questions and comments here on this page, I’ll try to help when time permits. Give a shout out to gilksy1 on YouTube for making the video also. Good luck fixing your broken Sony PS3 game console!