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Add Functionality to Your Wireless Router with a DD-WRT Firmware Flash

I recently picked up an ASUS WL-520GU (for $20 from a good friend) for the purpose of installing the DD-WRT firmware flash. I had read about it a few times before, but never wanted to take a chance on making a brick out of my Linksys router. I have been working with DD-WRT for a few days now and am impressed with how much functionality it has. I initially wanted this router for the built in ability to initiate Wake on Lan packets from within the web interface. This combined with a remote access and DDNS allows me to access my home computers any time without leaving them on or relying on someone to turn them on.

As I started poking around and reading about what can be done with DD-WRT, I started to realize that this is a pretty cool upgrade for just about any router that is compatible. I immediately made use of the built in DDNS feature that worked with no-ip.com, allowing me to un-install their client from my main home PC. DD-WRT adds some limited content and URL filtering that can be applied to specific machines at specific times. I also made use of the policy based, scheduled filter functionality, setting up a schedule to disable the kids’ network devices when they are supposed to be put away. If your son or daughter has an iTouch, PS3 or PSP on your wireless, you know what I am talking about here.
DD-WRT Policy Based Filter
URL Keyword Filter
DD-WRT is actually a Linux kernel that can be manipulated to do much more depending on how much flash memory is available. With USB and SD card support, you can also extend the available memory. Some people have even attached USB hard drives and printers to their routers. I have read that some people even run SAMBA, which is the Linux version of Windows’ SMB file sharing. I have also noticed settings for PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) server and client, QOS, Vlans, Secondary Virtual Wireless SSIDs, Seondary DHCP servers, Bandwidth Monitoring, and all sorts of radio tweaks such as increasing the transmit power. There are many more options that I have not even mentioned here that are really very cool.
Advanced Wireless Settings DD-WRT is a feature rich firmware upgrade that will help anyone get much more from their wireless router. While some people have bricked their routers in the flash process, if you pay close attention to the flash procedure instructions for your specific router everything will be fine. Check out dd-wrt.com to see if your wireless router is supported.