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  1. Hi,
    You are probably very busy, but I thought I’d beg a question about the embeddeding a LinkSys WebCam info you posted to the LinkSys forums.
    You’d mentioned you’re using a WVC54GCA. I was given a WVC54GC (No A) recently and am not sure this model camera has a .cab file.
    It IS up and running and indeed works fine from IE and ActiveX, but can you provide any more detail on how to download the .cab? or even email the file?
    Right-clicking on the ViewVideo link from the Camera’s main page references …/main.cgi?next_file=main.html but I’m a little stuck from there.

    Thought I’d ask as your page is exactly what I’m looking to do. I can handle editing the text, the firewall, port forwarding etc. Wasn’t certain if you
    might have any info on this particular model device. Thank You.


  2. Mike Berzinis

    Holy &@*#! it is you, Mark, I watched your youtube vid! I just drove by your old house off Hammond last week while on my way back from Canada. I live in Florida now. Drop me a note!

  3. Very good, thank you! Sitemeter usually shows how people get here, but your traffic is not showing the referrer. My cam has actually taken a knock or two, so you can see the image is cutting off on the top right. One would think Linksys would provide another for free given all of the support I am providing their customers 😉

    This cam is well worth the money! Your Hot Deal is UK£ 36.92 (around $68), I think that is a hot deal. I purchased mine from at $99 (several months ago) with free shipping and I thought that was a deal at the time. I read some of the forum posts, some people expect a lot for little I guess.

    Thanks for responding to my question about the traffic.

  4. Thomas Laffy

    I was wondering if you would be interested in taking a look at a project we are working on. It’s an internal web based employee punch in system. We are using a couple of WVC54GCA cams with motion detection. We have the cams embedded into a page, but we want our employees to sign in and select their captured clip. The time stamp is their punch in time. Please drop me an email if you are interested in seeing where we are in the project.

    T. Laffy

  5. You helped me with embedding the WVC54GCA into a webpage several months ago. I moved the cam and I had to mount it upside down. Could you add the code to the file to so the image would be flipped and mirrored?

    Thanks in advance

  6. Bill


    I am working on new code for a different ver of the CGA cam and I am stuck getting it to work with the domain name in the code.
    I didnt want to post the full code and was unsure how to link to a file in the form.

    The cam is up and working from inside and outside although I still have an issue with TZOs port forwarding but that is not an issue with the code.

    I can see the cam from outside using the domain name with :1024 and the code works fine inside with the local ip. If you email me I will email the code and file list for this version.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Troy Moritz


    Thank you so much for your how-to articles on webcams. I’ve been toying with my webcam woes for the past 72 hours (I tried for days a year ago and quit) and still no avail.

    I wanted to use these webcams for an endangered species project for monitoring animals currently under rehab. Long story short, here is what I wanted to do:

    1. Display three Linksys WC54GC webcameras on ONE single webpage.
    2. Display them in 640×480 resolution
    3. Support IE primarily
    4. Have them stripped of all buttons and options…just the streaming video.

    It sounds simple, huh? It was when we used wired D-link DCS-900s. But the Linksys cameras are really sketchy.

    If you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve found numerous (non functional) examples on the web but they all call different cab files than the one the I have.

    My programming capabilities go only so far as polishing the HTML styling and changing the IPs/Ports/DDNS info to make the networking work.

    Thank you so much if you have time to respond.



  8. Matt


    I live on a small holding in the UK and I came to your website purely because I searched in google for the WVC54GCA webcam.

    I have to say that you have a wonderful view from your webcam and the quality of the webcam is really amazing for the price (in fact, I was so impressed, I now have one on order). I think I saw 4 different horses, a yellow labrador and some geese yesterday morning/afternoon, so you seem to have a lot going on out your window…

    Because of the time difference between the UK and Maine, I watched your lovely sunrise this morning! Your cam started picking up a small amount of light from around 3.30 and was a lovely turquoise colour by around 4.00am, by 4.30 your cam had a clear view. Do you always get sunrises this early in Maine? One thing is for sure you seem to be getting nice weather at the moment because both days were relatively cloudless and the trees/swings were still, so there can’t have been much wind!

    One day I would love to visit (and possibly move to) the USA, what a wonderful country you live in!

    Anyway I just wanted to say hello from the UK and I hope you don’t mind me viewing your cam! I love your website/cam and keep up the good work!

    All the best,


  9. BobG

    Unknown Publisher message on attempted install of I have a fixed IP and have sent my camera address to some friends over time. Recently I got some feedback saying that people were not able to install the viewer. I was thinking it was a browser security issue, but it was not what I expected.
    The certificate in the .cab file expired on 7/11/2009. The proper fix (if available) would be to do a firmware upgrade of the camera to install a new .cab file with a new certificate, but since the new file has not been posted yet, you can do the install by setting your PC clock back to some time between 6/8/2006 and 7/11/2009.
    Good luck to all,

  10. ovi

    Can you tell me if your cam is placed outdoor or indoor (near a window ?)

    On the left and right sides of the image I can see that the image is not focused, can you tell me if there is any other lens element/ or glass in front of the camera, the image was the same even from the beggining when it was new ?

    Thank you.

  11. BobG

    Unknown Publisher message – follow up, there is a firmware update available now on the Linksys site that resolves the remote web client software install issue that I posted 4 September 2009. WVC54GCA Ver.1.1.00 build 02.

    Interesting, the file is dated 06/15/2009 but it was not on the download site 09/04/2009 when I made my previous posting. The gears must turn slowly in an organization the size of these guys.

    Good luck to all,

    “A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.” – James Keller

  12. This cam is right inside a window. It is about two years old and has run for the most part every day. The case has melted a little, the stand has been broken, I have taken it apart, and it has been knocked on the floor several times. I would say I have gotten my $90 or so out of it. I think Linksys should send me another for all of the help this site has provided their customers.;)


  13. we are going to point a wvc54gca at some birds at our Macaw Rescue site ( but having a problem. Can’t find the .cab file and when we click on your .txt fil to download we get an error on that page notice. The camera works fine and we use the Port 1024. would an .ocx file work?

  14. Terry N.

    I read this article and still can not get to see both wvc54gca cameras from the internet? I can look at one through my befsr81 gateway/router by forwarding port 80 to the ip address of the camera as you showed. The second camera I have tried forwarding to port 1024 and 1025 with no luck. At TZO dns I have put in :1024 behind the camera name and changed the camera setting under the options tab to an alternate forward to that port. The IP addresses of the cameras are static and set on each camera. I can see each camera if I use the port 80 and change the ip address in the router to appropriate camera. I have tried using “port forwarding” .com pin software to check if the port 1024 is open on the router and it is not, even after setting it in the router. I have upgraded the firmware on both cameras and the router to the most recent versions. Someone else had a similar problem (from the internet he got the same camera with both the different camera names at TZO)in your blog and checked a box called (rts?) in the camera. I can not find that setting in the camera? Please help me figure what I am doing wrong.


  15. Craig

    Hi Mark! Trying to reset my wvc54gca but won’t accept a password change or my TZO key. Default password is supposed to be ‘admin’ but there are six hidden dots in this field, same as the TZO field. Both fields revert to the six hidden characters when I attempt to ‘apply’. Yes, i have pushed the reset button for a fresh start.. Any thoughts?


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  17. Jake


    Can you help me get my to work like yours ( I signed up for the free domain ( but I don’t know how to reference my router ip:port where it doesn’t redirect. Which option do you select:

    DNS Host (A), DNS Host (Round Robin), DNS Alias (CNAME), Port 80 Redirect, or Web Redirect?

    I would like to setup my no-ip so it is like yours, ( I have a linksys camera and have setup a port forward on my linksys router pointing to my camera’s static ip.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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